Meet Corfu: the hidden Greek pearl of the tourism

Corfu is one of Greece’s premier destinations that has been attracting visitors from different parts of the world for a while. Home to gorgeous beaches, rich cultural heritage , and amazing attractions, Corfu has all that will make your trip a memorable one.

For those looking for the perfect destination for a relaxing vacation experience with nature and a cultural touch, look no further than Corfu. With the large number of visitors and travelers, there is  no doubt this island is filled with abundant exotic hotels and other lodging options for those thinking about budgets.

Beautiful beaches

Kouloura beach

Corfu is blessed with abundant beaches including Paleokastrirsa, well known as the most popular beach. Other great beaches include Avlaki Beach, one of the most serene cal beaches and ideal for kids; Nissaki, an island beach featuring colorful waters; and Kouloura beach, a family friendly beach with several relaxing areas for a nice day out.  Corfu is a paradise on its own.

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