Take a trip to Havana, before it’s too late

The beauty of Havana, the capital city of Cuba is better experienced than imagined. There is absolutely no better time to visit Havana than now.

Things are quickly changing in Cuba, after 60 years of status-quo, and people from all over world are thinking about visiting the country. This is specially interesting for US residents that could be soon having open doors to visit Cuba. Here are some ‘unconventional’ reasons why you should visit Havana on your next trip, before it gets too crowded.

Historical Havana

src: wallpapercave.com

Regardless of where you travel in the world, you will see plaques describing the great historical importance of some tourist sites including grasslands, architectural structures or capes. Most of these sites play a very important role in the rich historical past of the supposed destination.  Havana is home to several sites where visitors can learn more about Spanish occupation of Cuba. In addition, there are lots of sites that also reference the attempted invasion by the US. One of the best things to do that will take you back in time is to take a walk through the lawn facing the Malecon and enjoy memorable moments.

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