The rise of Ecotourism in Costa Rica

In a time when so many of us are desperate to see more of the world, to experience life as others live it and to find a common ground with people and places thousands of miles from what is familiar to us, travel seems to be the perfect antidote.

However, between the planes we take to reach our dream destinations, the large hotels we stay in and the over-developed tourist attractions we choose to visit, it is a sad truth that, often, what is best for us when trying to see the world isn’t usually what’s best for the earth itself.

Thankfully, there is an easy and widely-available remedy to that: Ecotourism.


Eco Tourism in Costa Rica

Ecotourism is the idea that we, as travellers and tourists, can go into somewhere new, learn from the land and its people, and actually leave the place better than when we arrived.

VIP Journeys

VIP Journeys


By supporting local economies, engaging in sustainable practices and learning about fragile ecosystems that need our support, we as travellers can finally give something back to the places that have given us so many experiences and memories.

Quetzal Travel

Quetzal Travel

For travellers new to the ecotourism scene, Costa Rica is the ideal place to start. Long touted as the sustainable tourism capital of the world, the beautiful Central American country is home to 20 natural parks, eight biological reserves and a breadth of protected areas across the small country. From accommodation, to events and activities to exploring the natural beauty of the land, Costa Rica’s rich cultural heritage and stunning biodiversity is at the forefront of the country’s commitment to ecotourism.

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