Top Ten Budget Friendly Getaways For Couples

Going on a trip as a young couple? Want to make it memorable yet not super expensive?

A couple trip promises to be a thrilling experience. It comes with lots of fun activities including tours to ancient sites and great cities, nightclubbing or even a getaway experience at a beach. That list goes on and on. An adventurous voyage awaits as you seek to explore the world. Here is a list of top ten budget friendly getaways to visit.

10. Lake District


Lake District offers a comfy cottage experience to young couples who are enthusiastic and adventurous. The city is home to several lovely activities for couples including hiking, swimming, sailing and much more.

9. Devon


Devon’s north coast takes pride in the fact it has some of the best beaches and surf spots in the UK, making it an ideal vacation spot for couples.

8. Barbados


If you are seeking a serene beach vacation experience and an environment that radiates a calm and cool aura with a great cultural value, Barbados is a great destination that offers all these and loads more. This could easily be seen in the fact that Barbados delivers a great luxury experience to its visitors without being an expensive treat. Tip: look for last minute deals, that could save you more than 30% of regular price.

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