Using Google Flights to Find Cheap Fares

One of the tools most people use when looking for the best flight fares has been the ITA Matrix. However, this tool is considered by many as cumbersome and less user friendly.

Ever since the advent of Google Flights, travellers have never been happier. Google flight features a user-friendly interface for those looking for the best flight deals to a particular destination anywhere in the world. Here is how to use Google Flight to save cost on airfare.

Utilizing Google Flights with a set destination


Upon putting up a particular destination, let’s say New York, Google Flight not only displays available fares to the chosen destination but displays the cheapest travel date. I like to click “Expand Map” to show me more details on the travel dates with cheapest fares. Google Flight also displays the fares to nearby destinations. I find this information particularly useful if any of the routes is cheaper than my intended one.

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