Why is Bali suddenly getting all the attention of Asia travellers?

For a relatively small island situated at the heart of Indonesia, Bali is suddenly getting all the attention of western travellers going to Asia.

Indonesia is an archipelago which includes about 17,500 islands between the south of the Philippines and north of Australia. Bali is one of those little islands, but it is also very peculiar. Below are some of the top reasons that will make you want to visit Bali.

Beautiful sceneries


Any person seeking out a tourist destination in Bali must definitely be in for a beach experience and Bali has a lot to offer in this regard. Beautiful beaches dots the landscape of Bali’s coast, including the ever busy Kuta beach which holds the reputation as the most visited beach on the island. The long, curved expanse of sand and surf that spans the width of the beach enjoyed by surfers and swimmers alike is a wonderful spectacle to behold. Not to ignore the beautiful sights that is produced as the sun disappears into the blue shroud of the sky.

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